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Using Social Media For Your Marketing Campaign


Since the rise of social media, companies have undoubtedly changed their strategies of gaining and retaining customers through online resources. Why would they not? Facebook offers free profiles, pages, and groups which provide access to over 500 million users. Yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, and other traditional print listings and advertisements are expensive and time-consuming, putting them on a plummeting decline for good reason. Meanwhile, social media allows for the casual connection between consumer and company, opening the doors for direct and instantaneous interaction. It is personal, captive, and credible.

This is why 70% of local businesses are using Facebook for their marketing campaign, a 20% increase over the past year, surpassing Google as the most widely used marketing method (MerchantCircle, 2011). The statistics do not stop there Continue reading

Move Them: How Audi Jumpstarted a Revolution


Move Them: How Audi Jumpstarted a Revolution

Begin scene: It’s dawn. Sunlight whispers through the windows in the living room of a traditional Victorian home. Cue music: Piano keys begin to chime and sway with the camera as it pans around the room. As it moves, the cherry hardwood floors are stripped away panel by panel, exposing a shiny white foundation. Aged candle holders disappear as Jonathan Adler-like pottery take their place. Antique chairs vanish, quickly replaced by MoMA-esque seating. Hard, overbearing walls turn to glass, revealing the blossoming trees outside. Even Fido, the refined Briard sitting by the fireplace, morphs into a dominant and athletic Old English Mastiff. Cue drums: An impressive Bose stereo system appears, as does a bicycle under the staircase. The dark and dated room has suddenly become illuminated and contemporary.

After panning 360 degrees, the camera pauses, then turns back outside. A silver Mercedes Benz sits patiently in the driveway until—poof—a sleek, black Audi A4 assumes its position. The screen turns black with the exception of three words in white: “Progress is beautiful”.

Cue female’s voice singing: The car drives down a suburban street, swathed in dappled light. The camera glides over the interior’s features: chrome, wood, glass, clean lines. End scene.

Hello, Audi. This is the new luxury. Continue reading

Granny Smith vs Macintosh

“Learning is not so much an additive process, with new learning simply piling up on top of existing knowledge, as it is an active, dynamic process in which the connections are constantly changing and the structure reformatted.”

K. Patricia Cross

On January 22, 1984, Apple Computer Inc. launched its first television commercial during Super Bowl XVIII. A monotone-clad army marches through an Orwellian construct of policy control and propaganda in a large dark arena. On a gigantic screen, a tyrannical Big Brother speaks to the masses of ideology. Suddenly, a blonde woman in bright red shorts and a white tank top, featuring a Macintosh computer, comes running through the crowd with a giant sledgehammer. She turns, yelps, and flings it towards the massive screen, creating an explosion of white light. Then, text overlays the television screen reading, “On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984’.” Continue reading